By Jason A. S.

Started writing on: 12/1/08 at 11:54PM

Ended writing on: 12/2/08 at 2:47AM

                Moon, beautiful moon, so empty and so full, in darkness and light, I wish I were more like you, something so dreadfully beautiful. You fill me with the hunger of impulsive emptiness, my craving grows strong when ever I get closer to you, I hold you to my heart, you leave me weak as you give me strength, I belong to you.

                I roam the world of darkness, hidden within your loom, bathed in a light that only belongs to you; I wish I were like you, my beautiful moon.

                Too long have I sought out someone like me, someone with the same wants and need, someone who believes that I am good and evil; constructed to be, for as long as there is any kind of injustice, there can be no true justice, as long as we find it in our hearts to hate, there can be no real love, if innocence is only meant to be lost there can be only guilt, as long as we act unfairly towards those around us, nothing will be fair, as long as people remain silent, their voices will never be heard, sometimes you get the tiger, sometimes the lion gets you.

                To the one who makes me whole, where ever you are, I’ll not stop looking for you, I am only half to this world, please be my joy and misery, a light and darkness to warm and chill me, make me something I long to be.

                My pain consumes me, because it is me, I am not the voice of the people I am, no one can be, for that would be like making order to the endless storm of chaos, impossible.

                Like so many, even surrounded by the world, in a faceless sea of many, I feel alone, lost, without a substance, a measure of my heart and soul, no known meaning to the world.

                 There are times when my mask of sanity begins to slip, and in times of desperation, I feel frenzied, on the verge of being lethally vicious, like the people I see seem to be, but I cannot give up hope that there is something for me.

                I have no desire to persuade you to like me, either you will, or you won’t, it doesn’t bother me, I may be someone mean and awful to some, to others I may be friend you never knew existed, I am myself, I have no need to be anyone else.

                 Wish not, want not, never lose your religion to find your faith, hell is only everything you love taken away.

                I do not wish to inflict my thoughts upon you, to inflict my will onto you, forget my words if they impose on you, let them leave no venomous impression within you, fragmented are my words are as fragmented as my thoughts are, everything is something and there are no trivial nothings to anything.

I have learned that death is easy, and that living is hard, but nothing easy is always worth doing, everyone dies, so few live, tragic, truly tragic.

Love, the most wanted thing in all the world, longed to be had, so painful the hurt when it’s no longer, because, lust is easy, love is hard, trust is the hardest, so fragmented is our nature in love, the only true insanity, we must love to live, no one else will do it for us.

                In the end, let your meaning be private as long as you so want it to be, that is your right, so let it be, strange are my thoughts, even if there are my thoughts only to me.

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