Written By Jason A. S.

Started: Monday, August 1, 2016 at 10:07PM

Ended: Monday, August 1, 2016 at 10:25PM

When I awaken, you’re there,

As I open my eyes, they splinter and atomize,

As I become naked and clothed,

Hollow and whole.


I stand before you in a mirror,

Nothing there, but you won’t disappear,

I laugh within the outcome of silence,

A fragment of a shard.


The longer I hate you, the more I give into you,

Like you’re inside me, but away from my grasp,

An agony beyond pleasure, here and here to last,

Early to rise and late to fall.


As my skin pulls close only to fall apart,

Rooted in my heart, you cause torment to my heart,

If I cannot cure you, then I must endure you,

As before my soul falls apart.


This is life, this is existence, this is being,

From these and this, I may never escape,

But I can implore myself never and to not wallow,

As vision blurs and stomach becomes empty fellow.


As skin peels away, and muscle rots,

Bones will wither, and dust becomes ash,

I hear my darkness creep, and beg me to come hither,

But into this I mustn’t go.


Sleep, won’t you comfort me?

Even if the dream is but a lie?

Won’t you give me respite?

For the demons screaming under my eyes?


To this dance, and to this,

I do not know, why I stay,

When I long to go,

But maybe for friends and family, is worth the show.

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