Written By Jason A. S.
Started: Friday, May 20, 2016 at 7:32AM
Ended: Friday, May 20, 2016 at 7:49AM

I used to be afraid,

Afraid that everyone could hear what I was thinking,

All my darkest secrets to be put on display,

Every heartbeat echoing the pain,

Every heart break for all to see,

And to me there was nothing,

And I was emptied to transparency.

But now I must be braver than brave,

And when I speak everyone will know the volume of what I say,

And only those close to me with see the beauty I hold deep inside,

And I shall brush the tears away and no longer in fear shall I hide,

And when my song is sung,

It will be as brilliant as lightning and as powerful as thunder.

There is nothing for I must apologize,

For if you only come to see my laughter,

You do not deserve to know why I cry,

I may be as mad as a hatter,

I may one day forget the next line,

You’ll never know what exactly I am after.

I didn’t ask for this madness,

I ask only for understanding,

I didn’t come here to rhyme,

I came to evolve into something more than the nothing I felt,

I didn’t come to take haven on this hill,

I will not beg for heaven if you will only give me hell,

I serve no lords and no master,

I am born free.


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