A Jason A. S. poem of principal

Started Writing on: 5/7/2010 at 2:50AM

Ended writing on: 5/7/2010 at 3:10AM

A spirit called to the angered winds,

An animal hungrier,

A monster believed of ill omens,

Killing to satisfy,

The hunger grown from blades,

Monster will roam,

The appetite will claim many,

Hearts and homes,

Blackened by the fire grown,

Orphans laid to rest.

Armed with obsession,

The bladed grass leading only to one direction,

Revenge will destroy,

All creation,

Echoing through,

Like nightmares current.

Even an ant can challenge the armies of man,

All needed is the will and mindset,

A blade of grass,

Can befell a mighty dragon,

Faith armed just in steel,

May never slay a true devil.

When does the war stop for the warrior,

When can the weapon be unmade from the man,

When can we solve problems with untwisted word and not with trained hand,

When can we share laughter over a sea of color,

When can we be seen equal to our land?

Absolve grudges or no peace will be truthful,

Remove prejudice to ascend to an honest happiness,

Do not forget all are human,

No one is better than the next.


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