Written By Jason A. S.

Started Writing: Thursday, August 18, 2016 at 6:13PM

Ended: Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 1:51AM


Dedicated to:  name or names left out to protect the innocent, ha!


“Who mourns for my goddess?” are words that echo in my mind.

As I watch I watch her dry her tears with the rivers’ ocean,

“Do my words fall but upon deaf ears?!” to her heavens I thusly cry.

The sea twists and shatters like petals of roses.


From all those frozen raindrops,

Your praise brings a fever sweet,

Like from a dream,

You know nothing else but to torment me.


Was it the hue made from your hair?

The shade created by your eyes?

The tinge crafted in your skin?

The tone carried by your voice?


Caught in the iris of your storm,

A being brought by that divine flame,

Your being burns into me,

And yet you break me into loneliness.


Coarse were the moments intertwined, as midnights’ dawn came near unto us, wave crash and tore deeper into the corridors of the memories. I do not know how to express thee, were you born or were you woven into being? You seem nothing more but to delight in my devouring, and I am but yours to do so, as you feed me my need for completion.

From the eye of her lamb, lies the soul of a dragon. A grave and terribly beautiful creation, and in these burning moments with my heart bare to the temple of her body, scattered like ashes and dust to the wind, I am nothing without her, even  if she doesn’t notice or cares that I exist. Before I speak and give to the chase, I know I am denied acknowledgement to the courtship of the hunt. Maybe for the better, but it feels but only the worse.

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