Written by Jason A. S., but not entirely sure why.

Started writing: Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 8:28PM

Ended: Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 9:19PM


As skin peels away the flesh away from bone,

As the fire bursts into the bloom of the rose,

As the horns rise to hold the halo,

I, from you begin to lose control.


Ashes rise from wheat spun from gold,

Left by the feathers of stygian crow,

Ashes rise from moons’ crescent,

You, from I become like a fevered dream.


And as our worlds fall away as two,

We merge and become like one,

A creature of horrid beauty,

A wonderfully grave thing.


As the bittersweet memory veils,

I feel your fingers intertwine with mine,

As You become unto me,

As I become into you.


We shed our mortality,

And find our finite infinity,

What was our commonplace,

Is now our exotic.


As we twist our flesh away from bone,

We bear our hearts to the windows of our souls,

Accept our truth in madness as our own,

And as we may be damage, we aren’t broken.


In The brightest darkness that takes form,

In the tightest grip that binds us whole,

You and I are no more,

You and I are no more.


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