Written By Jason A. S.

Started: Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at 7:35PM

Ended: Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at 9:06PM


                What reaction is to this, when flesh collides and skin connects, as I hold my finger to another heart beating from underneath your breast, I am left to wonder in the blissful agony of this deadly caress, what royal joyful dread that collapses what is left.


And to your lips as red as rubies,
And the violet bleeding from your eyes,
You heave unto me as you call,
The petite death seizes into a new birth,
The heavens fell and you move the earth.


                You twist my will as you crave your name deepest into my soul, you take my spirit down a different road and show me an evolved mutation of sensual ruin, we are our own addicts, we are our masters, and to which we dance in our heads, we make our stand in our beds, the unity of the two that become one, and the I become gone.


And if I am your Dracul King,
And you my Feathered Queen,
What would be our nightmare dream?
Would care for what would come from you and me?
Damned is as we are within each others’ salvation,
I will not lay you away from me,
Let my kingdom bleed out from the sea.


                Could we endure the stain, survive the strain; exist outside the moments of pain. I hold your hand to capture your breath, craved from burning fire, moved by your tears of love, what is from you and I has become, and in the face of disparity, electricity has bloomed from the blood, and to this new guest will join our worlds in secret.


Before our kin we stand accused,
Condemned by their archaic rule,
But hidden in my laughter,
My seed shall escape their law,
These dour draconic fools,
By striking me to my fall,
I’d rather my children to know eternity,
Than to share one last feast with me,
Lady Death comes as an oddity,
For I feel my Angel Queens’ touch before I feel the snap of the Cypress tree.

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