Written by Jason A. S.

Started Writing on: Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 2:27AM

Ended: Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 3:04AM

      As I lie here, drifting in a boat, one hand in and one hand out, I stare upon the star-ignited sky as the sun begins to set, pondering from how I got here and wondering where I am going. I laugh in the isolation, no one made it as far as I did, but I couldn’t have gotten this far without. I drink deep from the bottle in my hand and I feel the chill of the air follow down my throat. “This is it” I speak as I myself I do quote: “The pines are so very lovely, what a perfect place to fade away for awhile.”

       This was our favorite spot, as the moon held high and the campfire broke, silence by ourselves, then it was the laughter that broke, when it fell to a hush whisper, I held you close, and you moved to become closer, and I saw the universe in your eyes, in every sorrow, buried in every joy, all you’ve created and all you’ve hidden to destroy. I miss those times, I miss your existence in mine, but to all good things in due time.

     Shadows from the branches twist and sway as the silver moon dances in the lake and she isn’t as beautiful as you, nor does she leave such an open wound. We never meant to be apart in this world for so long, but there was never any other and there will never be anyone like you, you little bright burning flame, I’m glad you’re okay, you were the best friend anyone could ask for, and I’m glad you never became anything less or anything more. You were what I needed, when I needed it, everything I have now, I have because of you.

      I’m not always proud of what I have done, but the past can only be prelude, never epilogue. I don’t know what gets me worse, the fact that I wasn’t there for the world, or the fact that I wasn’t there for you, I know I didn’t fail the world, but I feel like sometimes even though I get everything right, I failed you more than most. Thank you for never doing me any wrong.

     As I lie here, drifting in a boat, drowning into slumber, one hand in, one hand out, I throw out the empty bottle and watch it sink in the lake therein, I hear the hollow toss, and as the sun begins to rise, I pull the blanket over my head to hide my eyes. Good morning world, it isn’t time to say our good-byes.


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