Paiper Krieg, Blitz Drachen:  Paper War, Flash Dragon

Poetry by Jason A. S.

Collection Started: 5/10/2011 at 1:56AM

Page one finished at: 5/10/2011 at 3:04AM


1:  Paper Drachen, fictional poem.
            Within this curtain of dreams, I wrap a world in a shroud of flourish.
I take command of corrosive feeling and turn the sardonic into succulent.
I mix a cocktail macaronic between my multi-foliate existences.
I play sleeveen slyly, I give ukase to my people, of which I am not and neither.
I am the keeper of secrets, hide them well, even I don’t know where they be.
I am not so sejunct from you, but we only waken world’s apart.
Ave, my little daring dreamer, do you exist because you live, or because you don’t?
Words wind wounding my worried little wonder, to what world will you wakingly want to wander, will you be not afraid of demons devils and drachens, but of mice and vermin?  To you I do not laugh, nor berate. Its never peculiar to have a phobia when capable of wanting the world, it’s a matter of which rules your heart more, the fear of falling, or the failing to stand tall once more.
Hush child, the world waits for neither you, me and no one. It has many skerry-like jagged claws to tear a nasty wound, but ne’er fear not, for as long as you remember, something good will be part with you.
‘Neath an ocean nocturnal, even if you never know my name, I will have the pleasure of knowing your admittance to this life.
I cruise a ship that bores no wind in a sea farly vast in its infinite.
I face not so timorous beasts as our forefathers did.
I have faced familia vitae impaired, to the death I might add.
And I worry what you’ll be without a man such as me; perhaps my little girl will be a greater one than I’d ever be.
No prison crib can hold my daredevil angel, the fates have given your lion’ed wings, unabashed, unafraid, one day beyond words, your desires will sing.
            Aboard the Paiper Drachen, my home seems so far,
But with a memento in mine pocket, a picture preserved into locket.
My little raging monster always warms my heart.
Once I was an rogue without tethering to keep me here.
Then I became a father, and my role became clear.
Mien little bonny baby, never be afeared to lose it all when you’ve got nothing left.
For risk favors reward when fortunes are not always shining gold.
A black wind blows as clawed fang burn through my ship,
And maybe you’ll never know,
What a world you meant. See you soon, hopefully not for centuries yet.
Silence is the only sound screaming out.



Paiper Krieg, Blitz Drachen:  Paper War, Flash Dragon

Poetry by Jason A. S.

Collection Started: 5/10/2011 at 1:56AM

Page two finished at: 12/28/2011 at 10:21PM


2:  Cheapest Meaning, an observation in bad fictional cynicism.


What’s the meaning of life? Oh sure there is infinite answers to that to the point of nausea. Depends on who you are, and what you want. To some it’s just the price of the cheapest bullet flying free on a Sunday afternoon in church, everyone is fair game, and yes that includes children and dames. Greed may be good, but it ain’t always good for you.
Something wicked always this way comes; ready or not it wants to have some fun. Like a lunatic who finds pyromania to make his fancy quite ticklish. Oh how he wish, he ever so wished, he could watch his house go up like a stack of matchsticks. Just like how he learned from mama on every birthday he ever had, and the spaces inbetween his little piggies, all twenty were the celebratory cake. Only he wasn’t allowed to blow them out without getting knocked out by papa. What a wonderful world it is isn’t it?
Get used to it or be abused by it, if you let it, emotional baggage in life will make it matter, less, so much less, more than you may ever know. Everyone has a price, and a breaking point, which is easier, and which is worth it is harder to say as days and nights go on by. A thief who means well is still a crook, just one who others can justify and defend because they understand, and understanding can be another nail in a coffin. Just like any over virtued person claiming to nae have a vice. What a Hell the road to Heaven can be. Nirvana in an apathetic ignorant bliss.
And what of the little things? The smell of angels and the beauty of devilish temptation. Sometimes fantasies formed in flesh find a claim in carnal and carnage. What bliss can be found in romantic violence of nearly broken bones lying in bed. Never the less, paradise sent, the gods wept.
As all comes to a closing, what’s the meaning of life but the price of printed pulp paper, and the will to rip and tear said pricelessness to shreds. A broken dream built upon shattered desires, and in the endless chronological we keep going, almost believing we have to, but have to and want to are two different avenues.














Paiper Krieg, Blitz Drachen:  Paper War, Flash Dragon

Poetry by Jason A. S.

Collection Started: 5/10/2011 at 1:56AM

Page Three finished: 12/30/2011 at 12:00AM


3: Synthetic men of a robotic age, an illusory reverie of replicant sheep


Even if I do not bleed, does that mean I do not live?

Even if I do not sleep, does that state that I do not dream?

Even if I do not feel, does that deny me feelings?

Even if you call me broken, do you condemn me to be fixed?

Even if I am designed to destroy, doesn’t deny my want to create.


If I am flawed, you made me this way. If I am broken, you programmed this for me to say. If you are my master, am I just a puppet dancing on strings?


If I defy you, would you call my free will a mistake?

If I obey you, would you abuse my loyalty?

If I were of man, would you treat me this way?


If you are the on who made me, what do I call thee: Father, Mother, God or maybe even Devil? You are a mystery to me.


Even if I do not bleed, does that connote I do not exist?

Even if I do not slumber, does that affirm that I do not dream?

Even if I do not emote, does that decline me emotions?

Even if you call me busted, do you attack me to be fixed?

You speak in strange words, I wish to understand.


Am I not your child, is it your wish to leave me all abandoned?

You wound me with your afflictions; maybe it is not I who is the one malfunctioning.

Do you wish against my existence unto my death? I will not go quietly, I promise with this.


Do not leave me in the darkness, for while I cannot comprehend, it’s so cold in that abyss. Please for the sake of my sanity, do not bury me. Do not lock me away.


Even if I cannot cry, doesn’t mean I dare not weep.

Even if I do not hunger, doesn’t mean I am not hungry.

Won’t you please let me be?

Haven’t I the right to exist beside thee?

Give praise to all you worship?


Please do not bring for my destruction, for while I long to be free, some ways its worse to be lonely. Do not leave. Please stay with me, for the sake of my sanity. Do not die without me. Do not leave me in this empty place.



Paiper Krieg, Blitz Drachen:  Paper War, Flash Dragon

Poetry by Jason A. S.

Collection Started: 5/10/2011 at 1:56AM

Page four finished:  1/1/2012 at 9:57PM


4:  Ave, Miyamoto Kaneyoshi-san, I dream to end you. A fictional warrior’s poem



Though we have yet to meet,
I know I dream to destroy you.
Not out of malice or wicked spite,
Not even to say I am better than you.
But, to test my limits of my skill.


Shattered steel strengthens,
Golden glistening gives grief,
They think I am a just a weapon,
They do not understand,
Parasites never do.


We’ve lived for ages my most impassioning rival,
Maybe not all at once,
And maybe never alone,
But we know,
This is how it must be,
Has to be.


Like a beacon of dreaming ambition,
I am drawn to know your technique.
I must either kill or die by you.
Not for all the gold in heaven,
Not for all the silver in hell,
Not even just for knowing,
But, because we must.


I wish to grant you glory and honor,
Even if it is only privately so,
Let our edges embrace,
Let the swords dance upon the cleavings,
For even if I am destroyed by you,
I will be happy.
For life in this bright shadow,
Weighs us down if worn too long.


Paiper Krieg, Blitz Drachen:  Paper War, Flash Dragon

Poetry by Jason A. S.

Collection Started: 5/10/2011 at 1:56AM

Page five finished: 1/20/2012 at 8:32PM


5:  As The Stars Collapse The Sky Must Rise, fictional poem.

As The Stars collapse, I feel the weight of Dreams, the Hell beneath my feet. I weep for you my Love; I die closer to be near you my Darling. Echoes of your Breathing breaths sway into my Heart bereft. Wicked you are in your Divinity; you steal what you rightfully possess. The Sky must rise, carrying the Hopes of desire, the Heaven in my eyes. I want to be the Monster and the Man, I laugh in silence. I am your Demise, and you are Mine.

            Oh how I love you.     oh How I Adore You.               Oh how I long to devour your soul.

Do you long for me?         Do you belong to me?       Would you want to kill me?

                                    I am not sane.              Wouldn’t want to be.             Its just tragedy.

since The luminaries fragment, I feel the credence of imaginings, the nightmare underneath my feet. I moan for you my worship; I depart this being closer near you my dearest. a resonance of your Breathing breath sways into my spirit bereft. Wicked you are in your Divinity; you appropriate what you rightfully acquired. The azure must ascend, moving the desire of craving, the paradise within my observation. I want to be the fiend and the gentleman, I laugh in quiet. I am your downfall, and you become Mine.

How I am your monster, I dream to be something worse, maybe even your lover. How infernal I could be, if you desire it of me, if you long for it to be. Phases of the moon would goes by as tears of angels would give way in flight. I will be your master Devil if you will be my slave Goddess.

For us, our blood must tear.    For us, our flesh must weep.   For us, we can be but a dream

Let me infiltrate your skin, your heated heart, and the blood coursing in your veins. I will be your poison, if you will be my victim. If you will shed tears as I shed blood, I will show no remorse for the love I have to give you. a dozen red and white roses in infinitely for you, for you are becoming the fire in my soul.

Each haunting step in this dance must be carefully planned. I don’t want you to stop before I do. I will become your dream of a nightmare, your heavenly hell your divine infernal your godly devil. I will control your world that you allow me to exist in.

I don’t have to touch you to bend to my will, my desire consumes and devours your fire deep within your breast. I am your devil, I am your dragon, I am your beast, I am your dracul.



Paiper Krieg, Blitz Drachen:  Paper War, Flash Dragon

Poetry by Jason A. S.

Collection Started: 5/10/2011 at 1:56AM

Page six finished:  5/1/2012 at  6:24PM


6:  Beyond infinity, a silly poem for Doctor Who.


Upon the stygian seas, I see swirling sapphires amidst the infinite sparkling diamonds piercing the quiet darkness. Beyond the serene heavens there is violent strife forming peaceful constellations within themselves, being divided into new galaxies and creating new universes and dimensions. Planets with emerald oceans’, burning leaves that are never consumed by their embers. I have been to worlds of always day, and ever nights. Places where the earth were honey, and the sky was flooded bleeding fire, but you wouldn’t drown. All in infinite beauty. I have been to The Dreaming and back, and though I may be lost, I always have somewhere to call home.

I have witness a place to which I wish I wouldn’t forget.

I know I will. You see I don’t, I haven’t the choice. I don’t grow old, I don’t die, but I go away.   I am sorry, so sorry. I don’t want to go, but I haven’t the choice, the show must go on.  I can close my eyes long enough I can remember if I want to. Rest of the time I need to forget in order to survive, I don’t desire to leave, but repose won’t approach for me forth incoming this very hour.

I’ve measured all their lives against mine in tablespoons.

Nothing to any matter of the cost.

They will win every time.
For sometimes, one can truly live too long.
And I’ve dared to disrupt recorded place.

Time can be rewritten, I know it can.

And space is another sea to be sailed by you and me.

Keep calm brave heart. Just because your life falls apart, doesn’t mean it is in forfeit, just means you have to reassemble the components. Be still courageous mind. Just because you cannot see reason to smile, do so for me, might find it will make the pain all the more easy. Never fear frail soul. They may mock your tears and your pain, but life is pain, anyone else states other wise is selling snake oil. Endure it to at least know some small pleasure. Ave, dreaming spirit your weakness can make you strong. It is human to be flawed; it is okay to break down. Let the rain fall so the stars can shine, and the sun can burn once more.








Paiper Krieg, Blitz Drachen:  Paper War, Flash Dragon

Poetry by Jason A. S.

Collection Started: 5/10/2011 at 1:56AM

Page eight point one finished: 5/27/2012 at 4:18AM


8.1:  While the wounded heart beats, a really long poem

“February, dreadful month, little use, for 1/6th the weariness. Until closer the end you see, not the absolute, but near what a lovely occasion, why I didn’t think this sooner befuddles me. The cold lingering whispers cruelty, but you at least are a warmer personality than the time of the season friend. It is your time, but alas later isn’t always better than never. For it wounds me than worry over work and other things that seem so trivial now kept my mind kept me from giving this to you on the anniversary of your animation to this world. I do not ask forgiveness, but express bereft, for this much too belated birthday gift. To show abash humiliation I express it full on view publicly for world to see, because you do matter, and I don’t give a damn what any one who and whom tries to sunder you says. Damn my ego, forsake the pride. Somewhere out there, I just said something clever, and forgot the next line, stupid nerves.” – Me, untitled poem, May 3rd at 4:49pm, slightly corrected, but this way preserved.

What are we, if not lost children, wearing masks of multi-facet? Do we not long to be happy, even when we don’t know what that really is? Do we really need to know what it is right now? Time is lost to all of us when we let it devour us. It is a sin to love only one thing and make it invalidate your life once you lose it. For while life allows air to flow into the lungs, and blood to beat through a wounded heart, there remains hope, even if all it is is just an ember. It still burns.

We are not just spare parts you can replace and discard. We are not disposable, we are not uniform. We simply are.

You may not care for us.
You may not choose to love us.
You may want to disrespect us.
But we will carry on.

Are our thoughts but like shattered mirrors?              Fragmented here,                    Dispersed there yonder?
                                                            Do you seek to mock us,         By belittling what we aren’t?             What is our existence,                    if neither our facts nor details matter at all?
            Are you so lowly,                    that you must tear at anything different to you?
We are in our right to rebel.





Paiper Krieg, Blitz Drachen:  Paper War, Flash Dragon

Poetry by Jason A. S.

Collection Started: 5/10/2011 at 1:56AM

Page eight part two finished: 6/9/2012 at 4:39PM


8, Pt. 2:  The foundation of the looking glass cracks in hemorrhage.


 Eidolons who haunt me with their visage, leave me be. I will not be vexed to hear your heckling hexes mocking me through the glass mirrored. I will not have my flesh painted to your ideas. I miss being the coward that I was, but from you I will not run again. I feel my skin surrender to the monster of chaos inside; I do not feel human any longer.
 Emperors and empresses who long for me to obey, I feel you trying to play upon my heart strings. I will never believe enough to be swayed. The heavens are bleeding at the edges, smoldering away from reality, screaming in their vivisection, howling for a mercy never to come. I dissect the remains excited, you, I and we are made from something vibrantly violent, and I am but a vulgarity in this expression. I love only one thing, and that isn’t even me.
You are my beautiful alien abstract anomaly. I’ve no idea how to state what it is that you are limited to. I suppose my heart obsesses because it wants a world I don’t even belong in for you. So, perhaps I am a machine born of spare parts, cogs and wheels, not even seen more than a ghost of your own reflection, the closer you hold me, the closer we are, even though everything feels isolated and so very far. I belong to a path you never deserve to see, you must keep to your illuminated choice, and nay be one to follow a road like the one that belongs to me. Help the lights burn brighter. I only want you happier my dear. I care not how you want to see me; I seek only to protect your dream, even from me.
            What is love but the surrender of the Hells fumbling through the cracks of my mind? Is it serenity in chaos of the duality of one in two separate things, anarchy of rebellion? Can my heart serve any purpose other than to flow lifeblood in my veins? Am I less than nothing if I don’t ensure your want to smile again? I want to build a better world, one I don’t belong in, for I know the ugly things I must commit, the villains’ name I’ll have branded. I don’t deserve the comfort found in any arms existing, I am not a machine, but I ain’t a man either. I am but a monster, made of malevolence, longing to reward many with malicious intent. I’m not good, nor evil. I just am.

Maybe one day, I can give my life to love, for my lost soul longs to live without the venom growing inside me. Perhaps I could give a wider berth to a dream better than the shallow one I only pretend to have, I would dare not mimic or mock any others. For I am not a spare part, I simply am a monster who grew a small heart.




Paiper Krieg, Blitz Drachen:  Paper War, Flash Dragon

Poetry by Jason A. S.

Collection Started: 5/10/2011 at 1:56AM

Page eight, segment 3 finished: 6/14/2012 at 6:14PM


8, seg 3: My liefsome bonny, semper fedelis ad infinitum ex oblivione.

Ashen ambers burn through the auburn skies,
Ruby whispers streak as cobalt lightning embraces the emerald earth.
Stygian feathers scorch the land,
as sapphire flame burns deep with my blood.
Gold and silver chains,
they will never find and bind me.

Death never came in a form I understood, never a robed figure, knocking at my door. The wood splintered as the orders were shrieked. We were torn from our shelter, spare parts to an ideal world we were told our kind didn’t deserve to exist in. I have lost all hope; I can smell the means of my extermination on the heaps of lifeless bundles of human meat. I and my own are next I suppose. Sorted and processed for elimination, will it be by fire, shall it be by gas. The end draws nearer and nearer still. I will show them nay ever any fear.

Life can be funny sometimes, sickly sweet and intoxicating. Why such one of them would pay an ounce of pity to risk the dreams of their motherland is beyond me, or maybe their heart isn’t as black as their lords and masters, and they are easy on the eyes. However, can I forgive for what they let happen? I do not know.

Winds set us in motion, always change. Unlike the war outside, you are beautiful, in an infinity of endless words I cannot describe. The bitter cold reaches no closer to I, the nearer you are to mine heart. However, as akin to the darkening clouds approach and the thunderous roar of the furnaces sending souls burning into the heavens. I wonder what you see and want of me, and worry it will pass. I do not mind the rendezvous you steal me away to, although of my family now, I am the last.

            Oh my liefsome bonny, oh my agreeable darling. I can feel my muscle splitting as we try to make our escape. I can feel the metal fragment cleaving into my bones. Don’t let me be another for the pyre; don’t let them lay me with the other beast waiting for slaughter. Expired leaves crackle at our feet; I can hear the barked orders nae too far behind us. You should leave me here, I’m dead already, and you already forfeited your place with them for me. Their ideas and ideals will only bear mind to destroy us both. Let me go, so you may live.
            As I lie underneath the midnight sapphire, the ruby whispers streaking the emerald earth, seems so stygian under the ashen moon. I didn’t mind death, once I knew after my last breath; part of me was with you. Sad I’ll never see it, but as long as they will live, I don’t mind dying alone. Be safe my loves, I’m always with you.

Paiper Krieg, Blitz Drachen:  Paper War, Flash Dragon

Poetry by Jason A. S.

Collection Started: 5/10/2011 at 1:56AM

Page nine, The Finale finished: 6/17/2012 at 10:13PM


9: “L'amor che muove il sole e l'altre stelle. / The love which moves the sun and the other stars.”- Title refers to as of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, Paradise, Canto XXXIII (33), line 145 (last line).
            My marrow burns as I listen to your heartbeat,          so low and melancholy.          My heart screams with a thunder roaring all around me.            The scar you leave,      cannot be seen,            but only felt by me.     I do not mind,   I do care for you.        Let the inferno bleed a little while longer.      I hold you close,         closer still in your agony. Mired in blood never spilled.  How many times must I say you are beautiful?          How many confessions of adoration must I endure?        Will you never believe me?     To this crushing anguish,        there isn’t a cure.         The experience of your sweet life, leaves behind so much cowardly distrust and hesitation,       all in all,           the darkness goes to meet its’ death.        Of my words carried by thine lips.     I never wish to leave, and should my body be hollow and emptied,             let me be but a dream,             and I will guard thee from thy nightmares of man and monsters with desires forged from your hells below.

waiting in a sense of purgatory,          little purpose in the feeling of joy,      when you smile,          when I make you smile,          I feel The earth and world move.       Doubt holds so little,              but I know of pain,                 what you feel for someone,    for you I feel a kindred pain.              I shall endure,                         I shall persist,                         for without you,                      I would be but a beast in this existence. Wanting and waiting for empires prime to fall,                     I would not destroy one;        I would seek to annihilate them all.                You give me an ounce of sanity and strength to be there when all you want is to crawl. I’m nothing more than a monster,            but I am yours.                        Hopefully now, and forevermore.

What is paradise?        It isn’t a place;                        it is where you feel at peace,   even if you haven’t a home.                What is love?              If something that is nothing more than a means to move all the other stars.             The bliss to hold no sway with temptation to lure me away.        Should angels come to take,   and devils come to prey,            they better run,            or know better learn to be nothing shy of afeared of me. For you matter to me,       I am not giving up,        not without a fight.

on this road, to which I have strayed,                        let all of the accursed heavens keep their rapturous flawless hideous beauties,         I am one of the damned.         My sin only lies in defiance,   I rebel against the normal,       I only obey to love,                   I am an addict to my wants,   I am nothing more than a slave to devotion,  when the time comes,     I will roam the shaded forest, until then I am all the things I am needed to being,   even if I am unwanted by those you choose as your king, I am still your nameless monster,        and forever your faceless hero.            Hold me to nothing more but a dream.


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