7Written by Jason A. S.

Started writing on: Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 6:33AM

Ended: Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 6:33PM

                Please let me go my love,
 Life like this isn’t worth living,
 I don’t want your sunshine to dance in the dark like an eclipse,
You’ve kept me around for far too long,
 I look at the hours, and it’s now half past “fuck it”.
                And why are you holding on? I’m a dying star,
I’m on the eve of my final twilight,
For me the sun won’t rise, but you must carry on,
 And I know it’s scary, but you must prepare for life like soon without my kiss,
But know I never leave you alone, just close your eyes and wish.
                And my event is rising in its collapse,
 There is fear in my heart,
 Doubt in my mind, and while I don’t want you to see me,
 I don’t want to die alone.
                Remember the day that we met?
I was petrified; I had trouble looking you in the eyes,
But you held my hand,
 And my courage came to life, and one hundred moments began to fall away like instances.
 You were ever so sweet, like strawberry licorice.
                Don’t let your life become a funeral pyre,
Mourn me only for a little while, and while I know you cannot speak other than to weep,
 None of this pain I want you to keep, and I know you’ll have a hard time to listen,
 But one day you’ll find the strength from within.
                And I hear you plead with God,
 Unsure of exactly what you want,
 When things are going as they’re suppose to have gone.
 And don’t you blame Him, and don’t blame fate,
Remember the moments we had, and live for me,
And know we’ll meet again.

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