Written by Jason A. S. , don’t let this happen to you! Fight for your right for freedom!

Started writing on: Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 10:12AM

Ended: Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 2:25PM


                When the nature of a thought should trigger a desire that has been otherwise deemed subversive, that thought must be corrected through a matter of example, not a matter of understanding. The only way to cure degeneration is by means therapy that shows the proper train of thought, by The Party, for The Party. Any notions deemed impure must be created in order be eliminated, in this there is no exemption.
                Independent thought breeds chaos; from this chaos the individual or individuals must be liberated, often by means of being given a common cause or enemy. If person or persons cannot be swayed by conventional motivation, they must be taught proper constructive thought, lest they be given free rein to undermine the power of The Party at any given time through propaganda and dissent.
                The act of pleasure must also be subdued, as the gratification process given by something, also gives leverage over any person or persons inside and outside of The Party. This includes, but is not limited to the excesses of:  intercourse, the imbibing of drink and controllable substance, non-educational programming, recorded non-education pieces, and otherwise seemed inappropriate materials.
                Any individual or individuals even caught in a facial moment of the crimes of thought, whether intentional or not must be deemed as conspirators to treason to commit against The Party. This includes guilt by association. In such an instance, we must remember conspiracy is not a victimless crime.
                In creation of The Cause, as it is our duty as The Party, we must establish a common shared goal amongst The People, The Enemy must be manufactured through repeated processed documentations and collective Affirmations by The People for against The Enemy, productively increasing their enthusiasm to help The Party in its efforts to eliminate The Enemy. The Party must instruct The People with the act of terrorism via news and teachings. We must prevail and overcome the risk of downfall.
                In order to create compliance within the collective of The People, we will hold a lottery every week for extra supplies and rations, whether these prizes are actually given out is to The Party’s discretion, the Party shall also host gathering and events to incise camaraderie amongst The People.
                Procreation must be done via artificial insemination or other means, as pleasurable intercourse is strictly forbidden, if any member of The Party is caught engaged in unsanctioned procreative activities, they must be reconditioned and reintegrated into society after a period of no less than five years, in this there will not be an exception.
                Children will be taught and raised from appropriate historical and educational documents, telling of the greatness of The Party, and encouraging them to be a party member. Children are the future, and the future must be strong, the use of controllable substance to placate their excesses of energetic and over active states.



Remember to do your part for The Party and The People.
Never give into perversion and sedition.
Inform your nearest superior of any potential subversive behavior.
There is strength in our unity, and power in our togetherness.
Strive to bring peace to war!

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