Written by Jason A. S.

Started writing on: Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 5:18PM

Ended: Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 9:15PM


High moon beams, lost words, bottomless darkness.

Unify minds’ eye and human heart, tied down to get away from me.

As the sparks fly, and the pills drown me, the Light-Bringer ain’t nothing but a sore.

In this darkness lit by lakes of fire, I melt my chains of ice, with a wit so sharp, as it is above, so shall it be below.

You’re nothing if not so afraid that I’d take over your throne, overthrowing the failed usurper, you just act the devil that I am, I’m not burning in eternity eaten by you, and I’m eating you down from the inside, you’re not the attraction of this goddamn show, you’re not even an highlight reel attraction.

 Full tidal wake of booze and cheap romance, cursing and feeling all alone, bringing justice to nothing at all.

Tearjerker story, neck-breaking of conclusions, chains of paper and gold weighing down my soul.

And your story isn’t anything but a bore, like cement boots laced with strychnine.

Your kiss leaves nothing but a bitter bad taste, so why don’t you give my enemies a blow?

Sycophantic princes and empty princesses, vacant stares to meaningless existence,

I refuse to bow down to myself, what makes you think I am gonna bend my knees to please and stroke your ego?

You think you’re hot shit in a ice cold glass, uh, I don’t think so, and not so fast.

It may be social suicide to be so brave, but I ain’t gonna be happy to sell my innocence,

No matter how lonely, I gotta hold myself tighter than a straightjacket on a Tuesday morn.

High moon beams, torn state of undress, infinite emptiness.

Unify minds’ eye and human heart, tied away to get down with me.

As the sparks fly, and the pills drown me, you ain’t nothing but a sore.

In this void, all I cling to is the hope that the end is near, and I will rise about the years I will lose.

I fly away from the intimacy of your touch, you betrayed every inch of trust when you intoxicate, I couldn’t be happier to have gotten away.

Now, to those who hold my hands and pull me close, know it isn’t easy for me, but I keep myself to me, until you’re someone I get to know.

Sun sets, prelude to ashes from which I rise, I feel a release from the cascade of every violation, Hell isn’t a place, but a state of mind.

You can be mightier than a predator’s raised hand; no matter what the circumstance, what doesn’t keep you down makes you stronger, and the bad tastes and night terrors will fade away, like a nightmare caught in a dreamscape.

The madness will come to an end.

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