Written by Jason Aaron Sutterfield

Started writing on: Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 9:00PM

Ended: Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 10:00PM


You speak so clearly, but you cannot hear me.

You know so much, but understand so little.

I laugh so loudly, and I know not why.

I beg to feel, but cannot stand myself to touch.




We speak the same words, but don’t use the same tongue.
You tell me how to speak, without letting me be.
Separated by design, I’ve got a right to life.
Divided by pattern, I’ve got no time.




It angers me so, to see stupid people so happy.
It sorrows me so, to feel imprisoned when I should fall ever so free.
It anguishes me so, to find my joy to be left so violated and empty.
Are we not the same child of Man?
Are we not the same human machine?




I may not worship, I may not submit.

But if there is God, they are in me and they are in you.

And there is no grand plan, but rather a clever scheme.

And the villains of men will abuse you as they see fit.

But it is our duty to break free.




These words are not for you to be appeased; they be a declaration of my worth.

I don’t care what you believe, just that you believe.

Do good and do good to others, be not a wound but a medicine to their soul.

Are we not brothers and sisters to the same fate?

Are we not meant to be free?




I cannot tell you the hopes I’ve had, I cannot express the dreams I desire.

All the parts to play that I’ve learned, you broke me to a whispered hush.

It is the job of the young to battle the corrupt, to fight and never give up.



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