Written by Jason Aaron Sutterfield

Started writing on: Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 6:39PM

Ended: Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 7:23PM


Traveling with the season,
Victim of time and reason,
I came closer as you grew colder,
I went to become stronger and bolder.



I don’t need the love of no one,
But like the weeping willow,
Won’t you lend me your shade from below?



And I’m no bastard,
I’m here as you need me,
But I as long as I am unchained,
I promise I will be loyal.



I were sold as you was too,
Chasing the wind as the blossoms come closer,
Our hearts come to bloom as we beckon to passion,
I don’t need much because you are as beautiful as you are pretty.



Traveling with the season,
Victim of whim and needing,
Spring comes as Summer goes,
Our heart strings interweave as I become thee and ye become of me,
But I know I am not your lover.



And as I chase the wind,
I understand I am not forever,
And even blind I can see clearer than ever,
And I don’t need the company of anyone,
But you can keep me from being lonely.



And you may think you might break my heart,
But I never gave nothing but what we needed together,
And this moment is not perfect,
But what is done is over,
And you shunned me for someone too harsh to be better,
But like the spring that chooses to renew,
You no longer matter,
I am free,
And in the gentle breeze,
I am all the better.

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