This Nifty and crafty lady wrote a book, and since I love books, I’m supporting said book. Click on the link below.

A Friend’s Kickstarter campaign. Edit: 7.12.2017, the project got funded, yay!

In Other News: I’m gonna try to compile a book of my own poetry to help raise awareness for mental illness, autism awareness and suicide awareness and prevention. So I’m not neglecting my blog, I’m just work, work, working.

Update, Poet’s Blog, 6.25.2017: All the written work for the compiling of my book is done, I just need the skills of an artist to create some cover art mainly, might try and hope for more than cover art, but not holding my breath.

Update, poet’s blog 7.12.2017: Still having friends work on the art in their spare time, slow going, but that is the problem you have when you have a complete text file and no art. Still I march on!


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